Transportation Options from Bali to Lombok

Transportation Options from Bali to Lombok

Friday, 14 July 2017

Bali and Lombok are two islands that becomes the popular island for a lot of tourists, whether the local or international tourists. It is because these islands offer many interesting things. Just like in Bali, we will easily find many breathtaking view, amazing art, tradition that are fused in harmony with the modern culture. That is why; we always love Bali. How about Lombok? Lombok also offers many beautiful destinations that you have to visit. As for the example is three great islands or gili that is located there; those islands are Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili meno. The unique thing about those islands is that you will not find any motor vehicle there. That is why; the air is really fresh and healthy.

So, if you wanted to go to Lombok from Bali, we will explain some transportation models that you can use. What are they? Below is some transportation from Bali to Lombok.

1. Ferry Boat, a Public Transportation that you can Use

The first transportation is ferry boat. This boat is available for 24 hours and this journey needs for about 4 hours long. There are 4 ferry boats that will serve the crossover from Bali to Lombok; 2 boats to Mataram, 1 rute to Gili island and 1 more rute to Lembar, Lombok. All of those boats are from Padang Bai harbor, Bali. Because ferry is a kind of public transportation, the cost is affordable. You must have to pay the ticket with the cost only Rp 35.000, but if you brought your car you have to pay for Rp 600.000.

2. Going to Lombok from Bali by Plane

Yes, plane is the second transportation option that you can choose. Lombok International Airport is the airport in Lombok and there are a lot of domestic flights here such as from Garuda Indonesia, Batavia, Air Asia and many more. However, if you were from Bali you have to yse the local plane, “TransNusa”.

3. Speed Boat or Fast Boat

This is the newest transportation method that you can use to go from Bali to Lombok. This way is more effective in time because it just needs 40 minutes for the duration from Padang Bai harbor, Bali to Senggigi at west Lombok. One of the trusted and professional fast boat operators that was chosen by most travelers are Marina Srikandi You can find a lot if information about fast boat service in their website,

The price of speed boat or fast boat is maybe more expensive than ferry boat. Usually, it will cost you around $70 for a journey. Besides Lombok, this speed boat is also providing the crossover service to Sumbawa Island and Gili Island. Below is the further information:

  • Padang Bai to Gili Trawangan is offered with the price around Rp 600.000 – Rp 700.000 and it will needs 1,5 hours for the duration
  • Sanur to Gili Trawangan with the price around Rp 600.000 (by Nusa Lembongan) with 3 hours travelling time
  • Amed to Gili Trawangan with the price around Rp 500.000 with an hour travelling time
  • Serangan to Gili Trawangan that will cost you around Rp 700.000 with 2,5 hours travelling time duration.

The price for using fast boat is maybe more expensive, but it is suitable with all great services that are offered. This boat is really comfortable because you will not find too many passengers in a boat. Besides that, the cost had already included the insurance service to guarantee all the safety aspect. Basically, it is the best option to use from Bali to Lombok. Try it!